Performance of Domestic AC Voltage Stabilizers in Meeting Low Voltage Problems in Nigeria: A Case Study of 12 Different Brands

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Author(s) Akinlolu Adediran Ponnle
Pages 358-367
Volume 5
Issue 6
Date June, 2015
Keywords Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Line Regulation, Load Regulation, Low Voltage, Regulation Index.


Every electrical and electronic appliance is designed and manufactured to perform, based on the expectation that the input voltage would be at a certain value. In Nigeria, household electrical and electronic appliances are most times under threat of low voltage supply. This low supply voltage causes these appliances to malfunction or at worse conditions, get damaged. Since the electric power supply/distribution companies are unable to provide the consistent adequate voltage level (220V) demanded by these sensitive appliances, therefore the consumers are ultimately responsible for the safe operation of their appliances, hence the use of automatic voltage stabilizers to improve the situation. This paper describes the line and load regulation tests that were carried out on twelve (12) selected brands of commercially available domestic 1kVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizers used by consumers in Nigeria for the protection of their appliances. The results showed that many of the stabilizers tested are unable to adequately meet the current low voltage situation experienced by consumers of electricity in Nigeria. For line regulation with input voltage range of 100V-250V, Century stabilizer gives an average output voltage of 222.4V and the least standard deviation of 8.5V but Q-Link stabilizer has the highest average output voltage of 224.8V with a standard deviation of 12.2V. PDX stabilizer has the least average voltage of 161V with standard deviation of 22V. For load regulation at output load of 1000W, Concept stabilizer has the minimum load regulation index of 4.52% while Q-Link stabilizer has the highest load regulation index of 9.3%. Variation of load regulation index with load was also considered. Q-Link stabilizer has the highest load regulation index variation with load of 0.0095%/W while Concept stabilizer has the least load regulation index variation with load of 0.0045%/W. Century stabilizer is recommended to be used in areas where there is high degree of line voltage fluctuations and Concept stabilizer is recommended in situations where varying load will be applied to the stabilizer.

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