Suitability of Igbodogi Migmatitic Rock as an Industrial Raw Material

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Pages 134-140
Volume 5
Issue 3
Date March, 2015
Keywords Carborundum, Opaque, Migmatitic, Petrological


Ten samples of migmatitic rock collected from the study area using a geologic hammer. The samples were prepared for laboratory test , one surface of each was grounded smoothly using 120,220 and 3F grade caborundum abrassive. A thin section of 30 microns thickness prepared from each sample mounted and studied under a petrological microscope. The results obtained revealed that plagioclase feldspar has the highest average percentage occurrence, while opaque mineral has the lowest average percentage occurrence. The percentages of quartz and feldspar observed to be significant. The rock could therefore be suitably used as industrial raw material for decoration. Large carbochon could be used in the manufacture of belt buckles, boloties , boloches, diverse decorators and functional pieces such as paper weight.

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