Project Based Learning – Virtual Lab: Heat Transfer

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Author(s) Haifa El-sadi
Pages 290-296
Volume 5
Issue 5
Date May, 2015
Keywords PBLVL, Heat Transfer, Engineering Project


Project-based learning-virtual lab (PBLVL) is a teaching technique that arranges learning around projects by using different engineering tools such as solid works and CFD. Project-based learning has been applied in heat transfer course. The projects were not assigned for the student. Each student chose a different engineering project. These projects are helping them connecting the theoretical content to that of real time world applications in the area of heat transfer. Also, the project-based learning improve and accelerate students understanding of heat transfer concepts and involve students in a constructive exploration. An exploration involves inquiry, and knowledge building. Also the objectives of PBLVL are to stimulate the initiation of fundamental research in heat transfer topics and to advance the knowledgebase in such a highly important area, to make all advantages provided by the PBLVL available to all the students across the US for the advancement of knowledge and elevation of engineering competitiveness and to offer both opportunities and challenges for the educational sector. Also the results of applying PBLVL show the increase in student’s ability to apply the theory and identify the heat transfer engineering application.

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