Chemical Stabilization of Selected Laterite Soils Using Lateralite for Highway Pavement

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Author(s) I. Akiije
Pages 275-282
Volume 5
Issue 5
Date May, 2015
Keywords Locally, Nigeria, Strength, Permeability, Improved, Quality


In this study, lateralite a chemical stabilizer locally produced in Nigeria was used to stabilize three selected laterite soil samples purposely to improve and proffer sustainable subgrade, subbase and basecourse materials for highway pavement based upon recommended practice of AASHTO classification system. Laboratory determination of basic soil properties along with liquid limit, plasticity index and particle-size distribution was employed. The liquid limit of the soil materials are 27, 38 and 36 while the values of their respective plasticity index are 9, 18 and 12. Wet sieve analysis was also employed on each of the three soil samples of which the first two soils are of granular materials with group classification of A-2-4(0) and A-2-6(1) by which the first soil type being silty gravel with sand material whilst the second is clayey gravel with sand material. The third soil sample is clayey soil material with group classification of A-6(3). Lateralite at varying percent of 6%, 8%, 10%, 12% and 14% were individually mixed with laterite soil samples in the laboratory. The reason is to allow increasing the strength and decreasing permeability qualities of the soil samples from natural state through laboratory tests. Also, to determine the values of optimum moisture content (OMC), maximum dry density (MDD), California Bearing Ratio (CBR), unconfined compression strength (UCS) and coefficient of permeability K. Values obtained at 14% lateralite addition to each of the three laterite soil samples respectively resulted to OMC of 17.8%, 17.30% and 20.4%; MDD of 1.644 Mg/m³, 1.672 Mg/m³ and 1.710 Mg/m³; unsoaked CBR of 110.75%, 110.75% and 125.25%; soaked CBR of 143.94%, 126.75% and 212%; uncured shear strength of 99.010 kN/m², 79.210 kN/m² and 185.644 kN/m²; cured shear strength of 155.631 kN/m², 140.811 kN/m²and 396.040 kN/m² and K values are 10 , 10 and 10 . Concerning strength and permeability of the soil samples qualities, it is significant in this study that A-6(3) natural clayey soil sample rated poor for highway material has been improved and better than silty or clayey gravel with sand soil that is rated good after lateralite the stabilizer has been employed similarly on the three laterite soils.

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