Analysis of Frequency Notched UWB Planar Antennas: Determination of Notch Frequency and Effect of Parasitic Elements

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Author(s) Leslie Spiteri | Carl J. Debono | Adrian Muscat
Pages 297-303
Volume 5
Issue 5
Date May, 2015
Keywords UWB, Frequency Notch, Planar Antenna, Parasitic Elements.


Ultra-Wideband Antennas (UWBs) operate in a large bandwidth which may contain other standard narrowband transmission bands within it. In order to mitigate interference within these bands frequency notching can be applied. This paper presents the modelling and testing of a UWB planar antenna which was frequency notched by the addition of a hardwired patch. Analysis of the results led to the derivation of a empirical model by which the notch frequency can be estimated as a function of the dimensions of the patch. In addition, simulation results obtained when the parasitic elements of the hardwire connection were included are also given. These results are shown to correlate very closely with measurements.

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