Detection and Segmentation of Lung Cancer Using Geometrical Features of X-Ray Images

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Author(s) Sabah Noori Mazhir | Marwah Abdulmajeed Azeez | Alyaa Hussein Ali
Pages 319-321
Volume 5
Issue 5
Date May, 2015
Keywords Cancer; X-Ray Image; Lung Segmentation; Geometrical Features


The early detection of lung cancer is a difficult task because it is one of the important problems due to the installation of complex cancer cells. It is difficult to diagnose quickly through the x-rays only, therefore enlisted this techniques such as digital technologies, becoming a process of early detection of cancer easier complicated. X-ray images contain the noise so as to contain the bones of the rib cage, as well as the bones of the sternum, which is a major obstacle to distinguish cancer, therefore used to improve the images using a filter (median) as well as the way Image segmentation and the threshold and edge, The calculate the geometrical cancer features. In this research used three images of one patient after several stages of treatment.

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