Cost Comparison between Photovoltaic and Diesel Generator Water Pumping Systems

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Author(s) Guda, H. A. | Aliyu U. O.
Pages 304-309
Volume 5
Issue 5
Date May, 2015
Keywords Water Pumping System, Photovoltaic, Diesel Generator, Life Cycle Cost, Comparative Cost, Rural areas


Water is an essential ingredient of not only our domestic and industrial lives but also in other sectors such as schools, clinics, livestock and irrigation. In rural areas where there is near or total absence of electric grid system, and more water is needed than what hand or animal driven pumps can source, the options for powering water pumps are usually photovoltaic power systems or diesel generators. Unfortunately however, the choice between these two options of harnessing water is not usually a straightforward one. This paper presents an economic analysis comparison of separate photovoltaic and diesel generator water pumping systems in a remote Nigerian village. The goal of the analysis is to bring to focus which of these water pumping technology options is more cost effective and suitable to use in our rural areas. The life cycle costs of diesel generator based pumping systems increases at a rate of 300% over the predicted project life times compared to a much smaller rate of 40% for the photovoltaic based pumping system. Furthermore, the energy cost of photovoltaic based pumping system is about 28% lower than for a diesel generator based system. It is therefore fairly obvious from this result that on the basis of life cycle costing, photovoltaic based pumping systems are cheaper than diesel generator based pumping systems in the long term.

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