Kinetics, Isotherms and Thermodynamics Study of Copper Adsorption On To Activated Carbon from African Bush Mango Seed Shells (Irvingia)

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Author(s) T.O Chime | U S Ilo | S.O Egbuna
Pages 570-577
Volume 5
Issue 11
Date November, 2015
Keywords African Bush Mango Seed Shells, Adsorption, Activated Carbon, Isotherms ,Thermodynamics, Kinetics.


The isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamics of bath sorption of copper (Cu) on activated carbon from African bush mango seed shell (ABMSS) have been investigated. The effects of initial concentration, dosage contact time, and pH were examined. The results showed that adsorption capacities of the activated carbons decreased with increase in initial concentration of copper. The process sorption followed a pseudo second order kinetics. It could be best fitted by Langmuir isotherms with R2 value of O.99. The thermodynamic parameters such as ∆H, ∆S and ∆G were computed from experimental data. These values show that adsorption is endothermic and non-spontaneous. Moreover the relative weak values of ∆H (207.85 kcal/mol) confirm a physical adsorption. The maximum adsorption of copper onto ABMSS activated carbon were obtained at contact time of 70 minutes, pH of 8, adsorbent dosage of 10g/l, with Copper initial concentration of 50mg/l .

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