Courtyard Indicators to Be Of Thermal Comfort: Analytical Approach in Hot Dry Regions

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Author(s) Hamzah Salman Almamoori
Pages 599-609
Volume 5
Issue 11
Date November, 2015
Keywords Tradition Architecture, Courtyard, Thermal Comfort


Traditional architecture courtyard is basic element to be as organizing environmental element .Thermal comfort is a main factor effect human inner & outer spaces. The research concentrated on temperature reduction & thermal comfort through courtyards as an important pattern in buildings design. Grain affects the configuration of courtyards in order to gain thermal comfort, by making balance between temperature, air movement and humidity. The research problem appears according to the mechanism and indicators of courtyard to be of thermal comfort in buildings of gridiron planning pattern. Through analyzing three types of buildings of different courtyards , by using environmental instruments , according to experimental methodology , the research reached to many important elements , co figurate courtyards and affect temperature , air movement and humidity , as important elements to gain thermal comfort in many times of summer. The edge between mass and space of the courtyards, Grain, penetration and sectional buildings staggering had affected, the relation between temperature, air movement & humidity in order to reach acceptable comfortable zone in hot dry regions in outer spaces and inner spaces, as indicators of courtyard to reach energy reduction.

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