Microgrids As Sources of Electricity Generation In The 21st Century

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Author(s) Olusiji Banjo
Pages 553-562
Volume 5
Issue 10
Date October, 2015
Keywords Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy, Voltage Stability, Fossil Fuel, Global Warming Emissions, Reliability


The concern on climate change is driving major changes in electricity generation as well as in the pattern of consumption. By the reason of environmental considerations, large scale changes are likely to occur in the near future in transporting and distributing electricity to the end-users. Presently, the existing power grids do not meet the needs of the 21st century because of increase in power demand, and generation complexity. Also the demand for power supply across the globe is being envisaged to rise even to the highest peak in the future. Therefore there is an immediate need for the development of highly reliable, self- regulating and efficient grid system which will allow for the penetration of distributed generators most importantly the renewable energy sources and other distributed power generation, hence the smart micro-grid technology. In this paper, behaviors of Micro-grid as regards voltage stability and droop control method are analyzed when Distributed Energy Sources (DES) are integrated.

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