Stabilization of A-2-7(0) Laterite Soil and Strength Characteristics Using Three Selected Cements Individually

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Author(s) I. Akiije
Pages 125-133
Volume 6
Issue 4
Date April, 2016
Keywords Borrow Pit, Percentages, Graphical, Economical, Subbase, Basecourse, Correlation


This study investigated the stabilization of A-2-7(0) laterite soil and strength characteristics using grades 42.5N, 42.5R and 32.5N cements individually in such a manner as to improve the performance of the soil for highway pavement. In the process specimens prepared from laterite soil sample from Ondo town environs borrow pit in Nigeria for highway construction were subjected to laboratory tests. The values obtained from the laboratory tests for bulk density, dry density, specific gravity, wet sieve analysis, void ratio, porosity, degree of saturation, liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index of the laterite soil samples tested confirmed that it is a granular material of clayey gravel and sand. This group classification result shows that it is A-2-7(0) laterite soil that is good only as subgrade highway material. In order to improve and determine the performance of the soil at optimal level as a basecourse highway pavement material, it was subjected to stabilization comparison by using readily available cements of grades 42.5N, 42.5R and 32.5N. Stabilization of each cement type with A-2-7(0) laterite soil at cement content of 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12% and 14% was carried out in order to determine the variations of OMC, MDD, UCS and CBR at maximum. Significantly, graphical presentation of the results of the A-2-7(0) laterite soil using the three selected cements separately shows that at maximum of 14% and optimal use of 8% cement content respectively of stabilization, it is the grade 32.5N cement of lower rating that has the highest values of UCS and CBR correspondingly. Soaked CBR values resulted from using grades 42.5N, 42.5R and 32.5N cements separately of the stabilized A-2-7(0) laterite soil are strongly related because the determination correlation value = 0.9997 indicating that grade 42.5N cement should only be used in the absence of grade 32.5N cement and before the use of grade 42.5R cement.

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