Development of Air Pollutants Treatment System for Industrial Processes using Petroleum Coke

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Author(s) Yu Deuk Kim
Pages 113-124
Volume 6
Issue 4
Date April, 2016
Keywords SO3 Treatment, Air Pollutants, Petroleum Coke, Bench-Scale


Considering the SO3 treatment method that is currently not regulated in Korea and the ultrafine particles (PM2.5) treatment method that is recently becoming an issue, this study investigated the components of the most effective process in relation to the process sequence change and reactive materials’ concentration change by organizing bench-scale experimental equipments in order of Furnace - SCR - Dry ESP - Wet Scrubber - Wet ESP - SO3 Remover. It was found out that the SO3 remover placed before the wet scrubber increased treatment efficiency by 7 times and the fine particle treatment efficiency as well when compared to the initial process. Based on this, we want to construct an economic system for efficiently removing SO3 and fine particle in the real industrial fields.

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