Computational Intelligent Controller Design of MIMO Spacecraft System

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Author(s) Tharwat O. S. Hanafy | Ahmad Aziz Alahmadi | Nadjim Merabtine
Pages 289-298
Volume 6
Issue 8
Date August, 2016
Keywords Fuzzy Logic Controllers, Neuro Fuzzy Control, Modern Control Approaches, Anfis, Manfis, Canfis, Inverse Dynamics


Neuro fuzzy control refers to the design methods for fuzzy logic controllers that employ neural network techniques. We shall concentrate on the design methods of modern control approaches. Most neural or fuzzy controllers are nonlinear; thus rigorous analysis for neuro fuzzy control systems is difficult and remains a challenging area for further, investigation. On the other hand, a neuro fuzzy controller usually contains a large number of parameters; it is thus more versatile than a linear controller in dealing with non-linear plant characteristics. Therefore, neuro fuzzy controllers almost always surpass pure linear controllers, if designed properly. In this paper we will propose three different schemes for controller design. Also, the gain parameters of the PID controller are tuned using a neural network. The effectiveness of the proposed method is shown through simulation.

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