Development of Software for Design and Construction of Rotary Dryer for Drying Ground Cassava

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Author(s) Ademiluyi F. T
Pages 260-270
Volume 6
Issue 8
Date August, 2016
Keywords Rotary Dryer, Drying, Software, Design, Ground Cassava, Rotcassavsim, Construction


A software was developed in this study using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net for the design of rotary dryer for drying ground cassava. Basics equations which are needed for the design of part of the dryer is also presented. A graphical user friendly interface and 2D/3D graphics for determination of Heat load required for drying, Diameter of dryer, Length of dryer, Number of flights, Radial height of flight, the thickness of rotary shell, the thickness of insulation, Air blower power, the power of motor for feed drive, the power of motor to drive drum of dryer and the total heat resistance through the dryer were developed. The data generated from the software developed "Rotcassavsim" v1.0 was also used to construct a bench scale rotary dryer. This software developed is a useful tool for engineers, operators, and designers of rotary dryer for drying ground cassava.

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