Microcontroller based Signal Processing for Multi-Source Energy Flow Control and Voltage Regulation

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Author(s) Abdul Rasak Zubair | Onyinye KennethAtusiuba
Pages 455-469
Volume 6
Issue 12
Date December, 2016
Keywords Power Outage, Signal Processing, Energy Flow Control, Voltage Regulation,Smat Grid, Charging Techniques, Protection


Electrical energy is an essential input for businesses, offices and companies. It is also very useful for domestic purposes and enhances the quality of life. The mains supply in Nigeria and other developing countries is irregular, eratic and unstable. Citizens are faced with persistent power outage or low voltage or voltage fluctuations at homes, offices and industries. Each company or each home needs to regulate its power supply; install alternative energy and arrange for automatic switching or mixing of mains supply and alternative sources. Based on a multipurpose transformer, a microcontroller based signal processing system is developed for control of energy flow from three sources (the mains supply, solar energy and battery bank) to a 5KVA load. Conditions of the various sub-systems are detected and/or measured by sensors which send appropriate Sensor Signals (SS) to a microcontroller. A software program is developed which enables the microcontroller to generate appropriate Control Signals (CS) to control the operation of the various relays, electronic swtiches, display and other subsystems such as inverter and a smart charge controller that applies constant voltage and pulse techniques to recharge the battery via mains supply and/or solar module. The system is subjected to various functional tests. The system is found to effectively control energy flow; regulate voltage across the load; protect the load against over voltage above 240V; and protect the 48V bank of battery against being discharged below save limit of 42V. The system facilitates uninterupptible energy supply to the load.

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