Catalytic Reduction of S.I. Engine Emissions Using Zeolite as Catalyst Synthesized From Coal Fly Ash

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Author(s) D. Karthikeyan | C.G. Saravanan | T.Jeyakumar
Pages 62-68
Volume 6
Issue 2
Date February, 2016
Keywords Synthesis, Zeolite, Emission, Catalyst


The present conventional three way catalytic converter used in gasoline engines controls effectively the levels of CO and HC but it displays poor conversion in harmful NOx emission. Low cost fly ash based zeolites can be used as catalyst for reduction of engine pollution is gaining new research interests because of their unique properties. In our present work, Na-X zeolite was synthesized from coal fly ash. Two different catalysts(Cu-X zeolite and Fe-X zeolite) using the Na-X zeolite have been prepared by exchanging Na+ Ions with Copper and Iron metal ions. Then these two zeolites were wash-coated separately on to a cordierite honey comb monolith. The honey comb monoliths were housed properly. Investigations were carried out on the twin cylinder nano engine coupled with eddy current dynamometer. The AVL DI-gas analyzer was used to measure the NOx, CO, HC, CO2 and O2 emissions. Initially the engine was run without catalytic converter and both load and speed tests were conducted at various load (4,7,10,13, and16 kW) and speed (2200, 2400, 2600, 2800, and 3000 rpm).Then the commercial catalytic converter was connected near to the exhaust manifold and the same process was repeated. Similarly the experiments were conducted using Cu-X and Fe-X zeolite converters. The result revealed that the inhouse made Cu zeolite and Fe zeolite catalytic converters reduce emissions better than the conventional catalytic converter.

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