MATLAB Simulation Based Efficiency Study For Two Diode Model Of Photovoltaic Solar Cell

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Author(s) Tanvir Ahmad | Sharmin Sobhan | Shaila Arif
Pages 28-35
Volume 5
Issue 1
Date January, 2016
Keywords PV Cell , Electricity Generation, Two Diode Model, Efficiency,Simulation


This paper illustrates a detailed explanation about various parameters of two diode equivalent circuit model which is one of the realized models of solar photovoltaic cell. This model is known to have better accuracy at low irradiance levels which allows for more accurate prediction of PV systems performance. The introduction on renewable energy specially focused on solar energy is followed by the modeling and simulation of PV cell. To achieve high efficiency and power, A MATLAB simulation based study of PV cell by varying different model parameters is carried out and presented, which is the main contribution of this paper. Theoretical foundations about Photovoltaic cell and PV electricity generation process are also presented.

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