Development of Anthropometric Data for Benue State Nigeria Agricultural Workers

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Author(s) T. K. Kaankuka | M. T. Ikyaator | V. I. Umogbai
Pages 238-243
Volume 6
Issue 7
Date July, 2016
Keywords Expansive Soil, Common Salt, Strength Parameters, Subgrade, Engineering Properties


An anthropometric study for agricultural workers of Benue State, Nigeria was undertaken. Four hundred and seventy (470) workers comprising 235 males and females each, selected randomly were investigated. Thirty (30) anthropometric body dimensions considered useful for farm tools and equipment/machinery design were studied. Descriptive statistics was used to determine the 5th, 50th, 95th percentiles, Coefficient of Variation, Standard Error of Mean, Standard Deviation, and skewness index. Results indicates that female agricultural workers were smaller than their male counterparts in all body dimensions except in the mean values for body weight, hand breadth, hip breadth, and chest (bust) depth of 69.65 kg and 72.41 kg; 7.44 cm and 8.36 cm; 30.08 cm and 39.73; and 20.78 cm and 23.99 cm for men and women respectively. Using t-test to compare the results at p≤0.05, all anthropometric dimensions were significantly different except for mean grip diameter of 4.16 (males) and 4.06 (females).

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