Effect of Calcium Carbide Residue and Crushed Granite Fine on Cement Stabilized Laterite

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Author(s) Manasseh Joel | Joseph Ejelikwu Edeh
Pages 203-210
Volume 6
Issue 6
Date June, 2016
Keywords Cement, Calcium Carbide Residue, Crushed Granite Fine, Laterite, Stabilization


The effect of calcium carbide residue (CCR) and Crushed granite fine (CGF) on the strength indices of Laterite obtained from Ikpayongo, Nigeria treated with cement was investigated. 20% to 60 % crushed granite fine (CGF) plus 6% and 8 % calcium carbide residue, (CCR) was mixed with laterite stabilized with 2 to 8 % cement content by dry weight of soil. Atterberg’s limits, compaction, California bearing ratio (CBR) and unconfined compressive strength (UCS) tests were conducted on the natural laterite and laterite mixed with the additives. Results of tests shows that addition of CGF and CCR to Ikpayongo laterite treated with cement greatly enhance its suitability for use as pavement material. 7 day UCS value of Ikpayongo laterite which increased from 500 N/mm2 to 958 N/mm2 when treated with 8 % cement increased to a maximum value of 4, 192 N/mm2 when treated with 60 % CGF plus 8 % CCR and 8 % cement. CBR value of Ikpayongo laterite which increased from 26 % to 110 % when treated with 8 % cement increased to optimum value of 260 % when 60 % CGF and 8 % CCR, was combined with 8 % cement in the stabilization of laterite. The use of CCR and CGF in the stabilization of laterite will ensure economy in road construction, and provide an effective way of disposing both wastes.

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