Investigation of Drying Quality Of Yam (A Staple Food) From Developed Multipurpose Food Dryer

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Author(s) Sheidu Sumaila Onimisi | Akonyi Nasiru Sule
Pages 191-196
Volume 6
Issue 6
Date June, 2016
Keywords Temperature, Thickness, Krischer curve, Moisture content, Coloration


A multipurpose food dryer was developed to test dry a particular staple foods in this work. The principal aim in this operation is to make sure that the desired product (physical) quality, as well as the food chemical constituents-starch, protein, carbohydrate etc are not affected after drying. The drying conditions investigated were drying temperature on the various thickness of the sample. Yam thickness of 2mm, 4mm and 6mm were investigated at temperature of 40oC, 50oC and 60oC while every other conditions such as relative humidity and hot air velocity were assumed constant. The rate of drying is a function of the sample thickness and drying temperature all in a closed system. Various samples of thickness were dried at various temperature ranges. The Krischer plots were used to depict the drying flux in relation to the moisture content. Laboratory investigations reveals that no coloration of the yam samples were recorded, whereas in some other modes of drying involving heating, the physical appearance such as colour were affected and further investigation reveals chemical constituents were maintained. This confirms that the dryer designed and investigated for functionality is very good for its purpose.

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