Study Properties of Alumina by Adding Different Ratio of Copper

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Author(s) Assist. Prof. Dr. Elham Abd Al-Majeed | Sundus Abbas
Pages 175-181
Volume 6
Issue 6
Date June, 2016
Keywords Alumina, Copper, Sintering, Composite material


Powder Technology (P/T) process includes compacting of fine powders followed by a sintering process to get products of desired properties. Several factors affected sintering; however, the most significant are time, temperature, and composition. In this research, different ratio of copper being the most important single variable.The pure alumina powder was mixed with different weight percent of (1%, 2%, and 3 %,) Cu. A mixture of alumina and copper were prepared by cold pressing at a pressure of (40) MPa, and sintered under isothermal conditions in the temperature range from 1350 to 1400 °C for up to 120 min to obtain a very low porosity after final sintering, a good results have been getting for the mechanical and physical properties of these materials.To evaluate the performance of the prepared material, several tests were conducted such as strength and hardness as a mechanical test. In addition, physical tests which include density, shrinkage, porosity, and absorption.This study shows improvement the properties of alumina by adding a different ratio of copper.

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