Development of a Solar Powered Lawn Mower

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Author(s) Okafor | Ehujuo | Igbokwe
Pages 104-108
Volume 6
Issue 3
Date March, 2016
Keywords Mower, Solar Power, Charge Controller, Field Efficiency, Field Coverage.


A domestic solar powered lawn mower of 0.13 m2/s field capacity has been developed for operational convenience. It is made of a twin solar panel of 75A/130W capacity each, which charges the battery of the mower. The solar panels are connected in series to an improvised charge controller that serves to prevent complete discharge or overcharge of the battery. The lawn mower has its cutting bade attached to a 2.1kW, 24V DC electric motor, driven by two 12 volts, 75AH lead accumulators connected in series. The DC batteries (lead accumulators) are recharged using solar energy harnessed by the solar panels. Detailed design of the solar components were made and the test performance gave a field efficiency of 97 per cent which demonstrated ease of use as well as neat mowing of the grasses. Blade height is adjusted for a desired height of cut. The battery which takes approximately 2 days to recharge is capable of mowing a total area of 552 square metres of lawn.

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