Design and Fabrication of Tracked Mobile Robot Prototype

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Author(s) Idung E.N. | Asima M. | Oyinki W.T.
Pages 78-84
Volume 6
Issue 3
Date March, 2016


Tracked mobile robot prototype was designed and fabricated with its Rolling Resistance (RR) calculated to be 5.94N and Grade Resistance (GR) of 18.74N. The Acceleration Force (FA) was calculated to be 5.5N and the Total Tractive Force (TTF) which is the sum of RR, GR and FA was computed to be 30.18N. Motor torque obtained to ensure good vehicle performance was obtained as 2.113Nm. The fabricated robot was able to cross a ground gap of 26cm and climb a height of 13cm. Its speed was measured to be 0.418m/s.

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