Duct Design for Effective Performance Design of Vacuum Nozzle

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Author(s) Okafor
Pages 109-112
Volume 6
Issue 3
Date March, 2016
Keywords Duct Design, Design Pressure, Temperature, Vacuum Nozzle


The increasing importance of pipe services is obviously one of the inevitable consequences of industrial revolution. Added to this is the dire need to bring convenience to human life. Pipe has therefore become one of the most needed engineering materials in modern engineering designs. An approach to duct design is carefully examined. The nature of flow and pressure losses in ducts are important factors to consider in any duct design process. A design project on vacuum nozzle commonly used in the design of de-odorizing vessel in a typical vegetable Oil Refinery Plant is hereby considered. The design shows that a ¾ inch (19mm) pipe of 2.5mm thickness is required for a design vacuum pressure of 5mm Hg.

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