Modelling of Multiphase Flow in Pressure Swirl Atomizer

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Author(s) S.K. Amedorme
Pages 145-151
Volume 6
Issue 5
Date May, 2016
Keywords Volume Of Fluid (VOF), Propane (C_3 H_8), Vorticity, Axial and Tangential Velocities


The internal flow in a pressure-swirl atomizer has been studied numerically. The atomizer is a generic design intended for internal combustion engines and is to be operated with liquid propane C_3 H_8 as LPG is gradually replacing gasoline in internal combustion engines. The main objective of the work is to model the internal interaction of liquid propane (C_3 H_8)-air flow in the atomizer using commercial code STAR-CCM+. Special emphasis is given to the flow of the liquid phase. Contour plots of axial and tangential velocities are obtained. The volume fraction of propane C_3 H_8 and air are also presented. In addition, scalar scene of the vorticity is shown and analysed. Computational fluid dynamics, CFD, simulations have been performed in a three-dimensional, non-uniform grid on the atomizer and the computational domain. The liquid-air flow is modelled with the volume of fluid (VOF) multi-phase model in STAR-CCM+. The simulations manage to capture the overall flow characteristics in the pressure-swirl atomizer.

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