Speed Control of a Dc Motor Using a Chopper Drive

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Author(s) Nwosu, A.W | Okpagu P.E
Pages 152-157
Volume 6
Issue 5
Date May, 2016
Keywords Chopper, DC Motor, Microcontroller 8051, MOSFET.


The DC motor is an attractive piece of equipment in many industrial applications requiring variable speed and load characteristics due to its ease of controllability. The “Chopper drive” based speed controlling method is superior in comparison to “Thyristor Controlled Bridge Rectifier” method as far as DC motor speed controlling is concerned. Microcontroller based controlling is adopted to retain simplicity & ease of implementation. This paper is written with the objective of illustrating how the speed of a DC motor can be controlled using a chopper drive. It further explains the methodology used in obtaining the required signal generation to drive the chopper. An Open-loop Control System adopted brings the motor to the speed set by the user irrespective of the load. This drive also provide functions like Start, Stop, Forward braking, reverse braking, increased and decreased speed of motor.

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