A Review On Medical Image Compression Techniques

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Author(s) Dinu A J | Ganesan R | Sanjith S | Mohammed Ahmed Woday | Balaji V
Pages 378-391
Volume 6
Issue 10
Date October, 2016
Keywords Compression; CR (Compression Ratio); Lossy; Lossless; Medical Images; PSNR (Peak Signal To Noise Ratio)


Medical Images are the digital representation of the body images. The medical imaging technology has a tremendous growth in past few decades. The amount of diagnostic data produced in a medical image is vast and this could create several problems when sending the medical data through a network. To overcome this problem there is a great need for compression of medical images for communication and storage purposes. Now a day’s medical image compression plays a key role as hospitals to have high image quality with relevant diagnostic information and with less storage requirements so that it can be easily transmitted over a network and can be accessed within a limited time. Current compression schemes provide a high rate of compression with a considerable loss of quality. This paper discusses a survey and analysis of different image compression schemes for the medical images.

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