On Orthogonal Phase Sequence Sets for MIMO SLM System

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Author(s) Sukanya A Kulkarni | B.K.Mishra
Pages 327-334
Volume 6
Issue 9
Date September, 2016
Keywords Golay-Hadamard, STBC, Peak to average power ratio, SLM,phase sequence,Signal to noise ratio,Rapp model,nonlinearties


Orthogonal phase sequences based on Walsh-Hadamard sequences are conventionally considered as one of the more effective sequences for Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) reduction in MIMO systems. These sequences for STBC Selective Level Mapping (SLM) systems exhibit high aperiodic auto correlation.In this paper, we propose a Hadamard construction based on Golay Complementary Pair(GCP), the rows of which are orthogonal to one another to form the phase sequence set. Since the proposed sequence set exhibits low aperiodic autocorrelation compared to Walsh Hadamard sequences, an improvement in PAPR is achieved.Further we analyze the behavior of STBC SLM in presence of non linearities,applying a Rapp model of power amplifier.

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