Designing Portable Micro - Hydro for Small Scale Hydro Power Plant Construction

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Author(s) Melaku Matewos | Emiyamrew Minaye
Pages 515-518
Volume 7
Issue 4
Date April, 2017
Keywords Electricity, Portable Micro-Hydro Generator, Diesel Generator, Unit Energy Cost and Green House Gas Emission


Most of the time diesel generators are the sources of electricity for electrical devices during a small-scale hydro power plant construction. The use of such diesel-fueled generator is becoming problematic due to costly and environmental pollution. In this study, a new concept of Designing Portable micro-hydro generator for small-scale hydropower system construction is proposed to overcome the stated problems. To make the research more feasible and acceptable two case studies (Naso and Wanja) were taken for detail analysis. During designing of portable micro-hydro power generator components, 0.25-1m3/s propeller turbine, 19KVA three phase induction generators and 12.5KW Induction generator load controller has been selected. The total electric consumption of the electrical devices during small-scale hydro power plant constructions, total investment cost of the new project and total energy harvested per year by portable generator was calculated as 8kw, $5,297.4 and 29,200kwh respectively. The unit energy cost of portable micro-hydro power plant is found $0.18/kwh whereas the unit energy cost of diesel generators is $0.23/kwh. From this, it is clearly indicated that the unit energy cost of portable micro-hydro power plant is cheaper than diesel generators, on the other side 52.04 tones of CO2 can be avoided if the new system would be implemented

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