A New Drying Rate Measurement Method for Hair Dryers

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Author(s) Abbasi. A. Gandhi | Yuan Deng | Roger Williamson | Steven G. Latham
Pages 500-514
Volume 7
Issue 4
Date April, 2017
Keywords Drying Rate, Hair Dryer, Mathematical Model


The Standard IEC 61855 has been considered as the basis of drying rate and efficiency measurement for hair dryers by the EU Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC). In this study, a new method of measuring the effect of air temperature and air velocity of a hair dryer on the drying rate for small sized samples has been discussed. The proposed new method would reduce current limitations in the IEC Standard method. The drying rate of three air velocities and three different heater power settings using the new method were measured and applied to a mathematical model (drying rate α V^0.498), which is in agreement with the theoretical consideration of drying rate α V^0.5. The drying performance of two ghd® hair dryer products was compared against the proposed mathematical model. The results suggest that the proposed new drying rate measurement method and mathematical model is a better approach to determine a hair dryer’s drying ability, as well as to understand the physics behind drying in order to develop energy efficient hair dryers. It is also anticipated that the proposed new method would be a better technique for drying rate performance and efficiency claims testing on hair dryer products.

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