Improvement Corrosion Resistance on AL-Alloys by Polymer Coating (Epoxy Resin)

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Author(s) Baraa H. Al khaqani
Pages 469-474
Volume 7
Issue 3
Date March, 2017
Keywords Coating Polymer, Epoxy Resin, Corrosion, Aluminum Alloys.


In order to prevent corrosion of selected aluminum alloys were coated with epoxy resin polymer investigated by using the Tafel electrochemical method in simulated salt water environments. The microscopic structure of al- alloy surface coatings tested before and after using an optical microscope (OM) analysis, to view a layer that chromate coating alloy selected Ally and in different proportions, where we use the ratio (5% and 25%) chromate. Done measure the surface roughness of the samples coated chromate and we found that the sample coated by a 25% vines more roughness up to (0.594) micrometers and this makes them more suitable to be a connection between the alloy base and a layer of polymer coatings. Done coat epoxy different times layer (five minutes and ten minutes) using the method of the simple immersion was the thickness of the paint layer a time of ten minutes is equal to (23.6) micrometers represents the best layer coating .He then held Tafel samples tested and found that epoxy coated sample represents less than the rate of corrosion is equal to (0.385 mm/y).

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