And Multi-Disciplinary, Engineering Project Teams’ Approach

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Author(s) Gideon A. Ocran | Nana Y. Asiedu
Pages 542-548
Volume 7
Issue 9
Date September, 2017
Keywords Elution, Stripping Efficiency, Gold Cyanide, Correlation, Coefficient of Determination.


The elution of gold from carbon depends on various factors such as eluant flow rate, ionic strength of the eluant, pH, cyanide strength, cyanide loading and decomposition or adsorption of cyanide on the carbon surface as well as the temperature at which the elution is conducted. The stripping efficiency of gold cyanide and ionic strength of the eluant is strongly correlated (R2 = 0.9486). Also, the stripping efficiency of gold cyanide is strongly correlated with pH (R2 = 0.8650) and cyanide strength (R2 = 0.9909). The decomposition of cyanide and eluant flow rate are highly correlated with cyanide loading with coefficient of determination (R2) values of 0.9824 and 0.9970 respectively. The elution of gold cyanide is found to be independent of eluant flow rate with R2 value of 0.0297.

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