An Implementation of a System Remote Tracking and Control Using Global Positioning System and Global System of Mobile Communication

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Author(s) Jonathan A. Enokela | Sampson O. Umoru
Pages 527-535
Volume 7
Issue 9
Date September, 2017
Keywords GPS, GSM, Object Tracker, SMS, Google Maps API


The theft of vehicles of all types has become common place and a source of concern to the society. The need to prevent such theft or to recover the vehicles after they have been stolen is of paramount importance. The project presented in this paper develops an efficient system of tracking a vehicle, or any object, using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM). The implementation of this long distance object tracker also uses a microcontroller, in the Arduino development platform that is appropriately programmed to communicate with the GPS and GSM modules. The GSM Modem receives an SMS message from the user of the system to track the location of the stolen vehicle. This message is also processed by the microcontroller which receives position coordinates in the form of longitude and latitude from the GPS and sends them to the GSM modem for transmission to the user’s cellular phone. The coordinates are also displayed for viewing on a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The user can initiate the action of immobilizing the vehicle from his cellular phone. Through the incorporation of the Google maps Application Programming Interface (API), the position of the vehicle can be viewed on the map. A prototype of the system was built and tested and it achieves the twin objectives of tracking and control of objects from remote locations excellently. The system has applications in other areas such as vehicle fleet management and security monitoring of objects.

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